Lever lock Belt Ranking

Lever Lock Ranking

As a counterpart to the belt ranking lists this ranking is intended to provide information on mechanical locks which are operated by torque applied to a lever of some kind, usually containing gates into which a bolt can slide.

You won’t earn a karate belt flair (unless specified otherwise) but you can find out what your current skill level is and what next challenge sounds the most fun. You can proudly tell people what rank you are by this list, but then you could do that anyway. We’re not the police.

The following list contains locks which are separated into rough groups approximately associated with their function and the difficulty of picking. There’s a lot of new terminology that might be useful here so you might want to stop now and check out this glossary:



Q: I have a lock that’s not classified yet and I would like to give my two pence on where to rank it.

A: Sure! Either use mod-mail or hit us up in the discord (best in #mod-request). You will also find help on possible vulnerabilities in case you haven’t figured those out on your specific lock yet.

Q: If there are no internet points or digital trouser fasteners to redeem why does this exist?

A: We don’t know either

Q: A lock seems to be misplaced and I can explain why!

A: Please let us know why within the discord and we will correct it.

On the picking of lever locks

The core principles or tension and manipulating a part of the lock remain even in lever lock picking. In general you are tensioning the bolt and manipulating the levers. You are trying to make it retract and unlock and the levers are stopping it. The stump is the part that sticks out from the bolt and interacts with the levers. When the stump is aligned with the true gate in the lever, the bolt is allowed to retract.

A bit like slowly moving a pin to the shearline, you can slowly move a lever to the true gate. If the lever is binding against the stump then it will remain in place, if the binding lever reaches the true gate it will click into place and should stay put whilst you manipulate the next lever and so on.

LockNoob has an excellent series that starts here:


In general the listings assume you are picking from the lever side of the lock if double sided. You don’t get any bonus points for picking from the bolt side, but it’s a nice challenge.

Listings assume the use of home-made tools such as wires, cut key tensioners etc.

The rank of any lock above blue is reduced to blue if picked using any commercially available or commissioned tool consisting of either multiple interlocking parts, or of separate parts including a combination of a tensioning device and a picking apparatus of more complexity than a bent wire and a handle. Curtain tension tools which are not used in combination with likewise specialized or lock specific commercial or commissioned picking apparatuses will not decrease the rating.

The List

The list is growing all of the time — here it is:

Lever Lock Spreadsheet